Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Create Steampunk Jewelry Part II

In Part I of How to create steampunk Jewelry, I gave a definition and brief history of this fascinating new genre. The most important part of this creative art is finding interesting and unique items to recycle in your jewelry designs. You can find a great list of places to start your hunt in Part I as well.

In Part II, you will find a step by step "How to create a steampunk necklace." Of course, all the same design elements that are important in all jewelry design are still important when creating a steampunk piece.

These include,
a. Rhythm
b. Pointers
c. Planar Relationships
d. Interest
e. Statistical Distribution
f. Balance
g. Dimensionality
h. Temporal Extension
i. Physical Extension/Finishing
j. Parsimony
We will discuss these element designs in How to Create Steampunk Jewelry Part III
Here's the necklace that we will create today.
Step 1. Gather your materials

Chain, chain, chain- approximately 6 feet (I used silver, but copper or brass would work as well. )
Clock hands
Filigree Shape for the focal (I used a triangle, but any shape would work.)
Vintage watch parts
Silver jump rings
E 6000 or soldering iron and solder
Hope charm

Step 2. Using jump rings, attach a 30" chain to the top of your shape and several 3" chains to the bottom of your shape.

Step 3.  Glue or solder on some gears.

Step 4. Glue a clock hand, watch face and dust protector.
Step 5. Glue a watch hand and a winder to the face.  And for added interest add some watch parts onto the gears.

Step 6. For the final touch, glue the word hope in a prominent place on the design. To finish it off and add a little bling, I added two tiny rhinestones.
Which brings us to the final piece, the Steampunk Hope Necklace!

Come back for How to Create Steampunk Jewelry Part III

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